When Tony Grano and his late wife Sandy founded Retrofit Technology, they had a single truck with just the tools on it, a passion, and the love and support of their family. Thirty years later that same passion is as strong as ever and has grown Retrofit into a top-notch, family-operated company that employs more than 40 employees.


At Retrofit Technology we believe there are core qualities that make a company great, and because we are a family business, we believe that the same qualities that make a family thrive, make a business thrive. That is why you can count on us to handle every project with high levels of integrity and loyalty. We are proud of the relationships we have cultivated with our customers and business partners over the years. So you can rest assured that when you do business with Retrofit Technology, you will be treated like family!

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Tony Grano was born in Michigan and raised in Southern California from the age of 11.  After earning his bachelors degree from Cal State San Bernardino, Tony went to work for his father’s welding company, Grano Welding. While working for his dad he began to learn, just as in his academic studies, that there was both a creative side and a scientific side to the work he was doing and his interest grew. Within a year, they began doing work for a small A/C company where Tony received first-hand experience with A/C equipment change-outs and was instantly intrigued. As the number of these jobs increased for them, so did Tony’s passion for the business, so he decided to direct his focus to chilled water replacements. Working with some of the top guys in the industry, he quickly learned the ins and outs of the business and in March of 1989 Retrofit Technology was born.


By 2008 Tony had fine-tuned his business and experienced significant growth, so he decided to add his own team of electricians.  In 2009 he brought in Retrofit’s very own service department, allowing his company to handle every aspect of the business.


Today Retrofit Technology continues to grow and flourish, and after 30 years in the business, if you ask Tony what has made Retrofit the success it is today, his answer is simple:



“We do what we do the best that we can,

and we stand behind the work that we do.”

Meet The Team

Tony Grano

Founder & President

Kelly Grano

Chief Financial Officer

James Dopson

Project Development

Mitch Elgin

Electrical Manager

David Fuller


Travis Halliday

CAD Designer

Brian Kellington

Project Coordinator

Bill MacLean

Parts Manager

Zaid Saadeh


Eric Rugg

Senior Foreman


Cory Burke, Mitch Elgin, Mike Mooney, Wayne Mooney


Rob Terrazas, Mark Hartwick, Eric Rugg, Joe Islas,  Oscar Jimenez, Matt Martinez

David Fuller,  Joe Tamayo, Troy MacDonald, Jon Arreola, Joel Andrade 


Sal Islas, Scott Pilarcik

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