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Koll Center

Irvine, CA

  We were on site at the Koll Center in Irvine, CA to perform this chiller plant renovation. Photographs show crane day, the rigging and removal of the old equipment and demoed piping, and the setting of the new equipment: a cooling tower, 2 chillers, and CHW coils.

  The entire installation of the cooling tower, including piping and electrical, was completed the same day, in addition to new chiller #1 being set into place, and the installation of the new headers in the chiller room. Temporary piping was connected to the remaining chiller so the building would have cooling the following Monday. That week our team finished the installation and start-up of new chiller #1, demoed the remaining old chiller, and moved new chiller #2 into place. The piping, electrical, and start-up of new chiller #2 was then completed, followed by painting and insulation.

  The next weekend our team had the chilled water coils changed out in the main air-handler and the crane was back on site the following weekend to remove the last old chiller and all the debris off the roof, leaving the job site clean and all new equipment operational.

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