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"It’s difficult to list the best parts about working for Tony because the list is too big. However, if I had to choose, I would say that I am extremely grateful and fortunate for working for Tony throughout the past year. The work ethic and daily motivation that he exudes is exemplary, and he pushes those around him to be the best versions of themselves.  Working with Tony propels you to constantly improve, learn, and grow.  He’s a role model in my life and I’m positive I’m not the only one that can say that. I wish him all the health, happiness, and good fortune because he truly deserves it. Happy Birthday Tony!"-Zaid A.


"I can honestly say that in all my years of working, I have never felt like I belonged or was a part of something. Tony makes working for Retrofit like that. I also love the true care and concern for each employee and their family members."-Kim B.


"I would like to thank Tony for giving me the opportunity to work for the Retrofit team. As one of the newer employees, for just over a year, I think Tony runs a great company. He is always willing to help people learn new things and help them grow within the company.  For me personally, he’s willing to work around my school schedule and still has me working part-time.  He is a fair boss and a great guy to work for.  Happy Birthday Tony!"-Andre B.


"I like working for Tony because he took a chance on me with my lack of experience, he is an understanding person you can talk to inside and outside of work, and he has an eye for multiple ways to complete a task.  I have never heard him say “that is something we cannot do”.  It’s always, “we can” and “lets find a way to get it done”.  He is very clever with endless experience and knowledge that he is always willing to pass on.  He is willing to go get dirty in the trenches with any crew, on any project, to help out as needed, and most importantly, he is a die hard Chargers fan."-James D.


"When I was younger and first started in the construction industry, I was always told, “Watch out for the snakes and cheats in this industry.” Not with Tony. The way he carries himself and this company, while doing business, is with the utmost honesty and integrity; and I know that is why he has been successful for so many years. Everyone in our industry knows that, and I am honored to be associated with that by being a part of the Retrofit family.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY!"-Phil E.


"I met Tony back in 1994 at Aerojet in Irwin dale and we hit it off. I have always appreciated the fact that he is about doing a quality job. We have definitely not agreed on everything over the years, but I like the fact that I can speak my mind to him, that he listens, and sometimes agrees. I have learned a lot from him over the years and am grateful for that.  And, if you want to find a great place to eat, he is the man to ask."-Mitch E.


"Tony always refers to Retrofit as “we”, never “I”. Even though he started the company, and it’s his creation, he always gives credit to the team.  The other quality I admire about him is that after 27 years, if the team needs him, no matter what the task is, he will pick up a tool or even a broom to help out; meaning there is nothing beneath him to help get the job done."-Kelly G.


"I like working for Tony because he makes things happen that other companies say can’t be done, in regards to technical challenges or time lines. He has trained us to be the best in the business by being the best himself.  He is the living, breathing version of mechanical Google. It is rare that I ask him something that he doesn’t know or hasn’t done.  Plus he helped make me... That’s pretty cool too."-Kris G.


"One of the things I like most about working for Tony is his leadership. I have been on quite a few jobs with him and it is not unusual for him to jump in and help with any task that is needed, even if it is something as simple as sweeping and cleaning the job site. It really shows the employees that there is no task too small for anyone if the owner is willing to do those things. It may seem like a small thing, but I know little things like that motivate me to work harder. Thanks for all you do!"-Travis H.


"What I like about working for Tony is that he is extra big on you knowing all there is to know about the profession he has created for us; to know and learn it inside and out; from cleaning up to crane signals. I have learned a great deal about a job I never knew before. So thank you Tony for all you have given to me and others under your employment, and allowing me to be a part of Retrofit Technology. Happy Birthday Boss Man!  Enjoy another year of greatness."-Eugene I.


"First of all, I would like to wish Tony a happy birthday.  Working for him for the past 8 years has shown me how much he cares for his employees, on and off the clock.  When my son past away, Tony and Kelly were there for me and my family, and I want to thank Retrofit. I have been able to excel in the service department with all the challenging work that Tony provides for us.  I appreciate him greatly!"-Sal I.


"I like working for Tony because he is more than just a boss, he is a leader. He motivates you to do better and always leads by example. A great leader doesn’t tell you what to do, they show you how it’s done. That’s Tony.  Just as importantly, he take extreme pride in what he works for. He is never afraid to take risks, and is always looking out for each and every one of his employees and their families."-Brian K.


"One reason I enjoy working for Tony is that there is always a few good stories in every meeting we have. Another reason is that he is a boss that enjoys doing the hard work with the field guys, which is very respectful."-Jess. L.


"From working on a high-rise building during a crane lift to just working at the shop, it is awesome working for Tony and with the whole Retrofit team that he has put together. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY!"-Mike M.


"The best thing I like about working for Tony is that he is fair.  He will jump in and help out anytime he’s need and you can talk to him about anything.  He sacrifices his free time and works 24/7, day in and day out, so that we all have a job to come back to."-Tim N.


"I like working for Tony because he offers me the challenges to grow within the company and become a successful individual."-Scott P.


"First and foremost i would like to wish Tony a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I love working for Retrofit because it's always something new and challenging. It’s never the same thing day in and day out. But the real reason I give Retrofit my all is because they gave me the opportunity to change my life when the odds were stacked against me.  I owe Tony more than he knows and for that, I love being part of the Retrofit team."-Jason R.


"The reason I like knowing and working for Tony is because he is the kind of guy I would like to adopt character traits from: his work ethic, his "never say never" attitude, his desire to teach, and his willingness to jump in and complete a task himself, by any means necessary.  When you come across someone with drive like that, you want to be on their team.  You know they are right by your side fighting off the enemy hoard. Tony is an awesome person outside of the workplace as well. He has a big heart and is constantly laying that out for everyone to see. He is humble, approachable, and full of great advice."-Joe R.


"First and foremost I’d like to say Happy Birthday Tony. I just want to say how much I enjoy working for Retrofit. There’s never a dull moment whether in the shop or in the field. I’ve come to learn some pretty cool things, see some really sweet stuff, and been places that I never thought of seeing, that most people will never see. I enjoy getting to work at Tony's company and traveling to these different jobs. Seeing that crane pop up over the lip of a roof top on a nice sunny morning, taking away the old and replacing it with the new, is always a job well done at the end of the day."- Rix R.


"I like working for Tony because the company works diligently to make a supportive, teamwork environment. For the most part, everybody checks their ego at the door and pitches in to complete the goals."-Al R.


"I like working for Tony because I believe in what he stands for: hard work and integrity.  He has great morals, both personally and professionally, and puts great value on doing a good job.  His passion for Retrofit, and what he does, is infectious and I’m very proud to be a part of that. Happy Birthday Tony!"-Brianna R.


"I like working for Tony because he always challenges me to be better than I was before.  He has an idea or solution for every problem.  Whether you use his advice or not, you can always count on him if you need his help."-Eric R.


"I like working for Tony because he genuinely cares for each of his employees.  He is a great leader,  not just a commander.  He takes pride in his employees, his company and his country, and he understands that “life” happens and will be accommodating and helpful when possible."-Laura R.


"Tony sets a great example for what hard work and teamwork can accomplish. Being part of his team has been a huge blessing in my life. I found this cool quote by E.M. Kelly which sums it up perfectly: "Remember the difference between a boss and a leader; a boss says, “GO!” and a leader says,    “LET’S GO!”-Malyssa T.


"The first time I worked for Tony 10 years ago, I have to admit, it was tough. It was obvious Tony was a very determined and hardworking owner of Retrofit and he put a lot of pressure on his guys. His way of communicating was very intense. Now working for Tony 10 years later, I can truly say there's a big difference. Tony knows how to get his point across with constructive criticism. Sometimes I sit back and just listen to Tony's words and absorb his words of encouragement and knowledge. It has been a great pleasure working for Tony and I am very happy I came back to Retrofit! Happy Birthday Mr. Grano!"-Joe T.


"I like working for Tony because he always does his best to keep us busy.  Even though he doesn’t have to, he always dives right into the thick of it to get the job done."-Robert T.

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